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PI® on the Web

PIcampus, an online educational resource exclusively for PI® users.

To make the Predictive Index® process even more valuable, PI Worldwide hosts a secure 24x7 Web platform, where users can keep up-to-date on our latest training and educational resources and participate in an active, global PI® community. New users can build expertise and learn from experienced experts; veterans can sharpen their skills and share new ideas and techniques with colleagues.

As a member of the PI® community, you can visit PIcampus for:

  • Uses of PI - invaluable insights into the practical applications of PI throughout an organization.
  • Synthesis - a quarterly newsletter offering news and insights to PI analysts.
  • Ask Dan -a bi-weekly Q&A column answering your PI® questions.
  • HR Intelligence -a quarterly column featuring timely HR issues.
  • Technology Support - Library and FAQ’s for all your PI® software options for scoring and for managing your Predictive Index data.
  • Products and Services -information on additional PI® related services.
  • News -valuable insights on how companies are using PI® around the world, as presented in case studies and media coverage.
  • PI Store -download or order PI® materials.
  • HRCI - access your continuing education certificates.

AccessPI, the speed and convenience of the Web.

The Predictive Index® can also be administered and scored online, via our accessPI service. No more paperwork bottlenecks or manual data entry -- you can compile data electronically, store it with complete security, and share it across the entire enterprise. Since 1955, organizations around the world have relied on the Predictive Index® process to help them achieve their goals. And today, in our global, “on-demand” business environment, it’s never been easier to realize the full benefits of the process ... thanks to technology and PI Worldwide Web Services. Our organization brings both experience and commitment to the mission of delivering technology solutions that enhance the value of the Predictive Index®.

  • We develop innovative, advanced software solutions such as
  • We design, implement, monitor and manage the high availability Web infrastructure that assures online access to your PI® data, wherever and whenever you’re doing business.
  • We provide responsive, personal technical support tailored to your needs and preferences, via an expert Service Desk, voice mail and email, and online self-help support pages.

PI for Small Business. Big Business Results, on a Smaller Scale.

Since 1955, thousands of medium- to large-size organizations around the world have used the Predictive Index® to help them achieve their goals. Now with PI® for Small Business, you can put the same powerful management tools to work for your smaller business.

With affordable services delivered by our expert consultants, we can help you better address the unique management issues you're facing in a small business, where the right fit -- or the wrong one -- in a key job can make all the difference.

We'll give you the tools to improve communication and deal with conflict productively, and help you find, or develop, people who will complement your strengths and work most effectively in your business environment. We can also help you assess your own leadership style and how it's affecting your company's performance.

With PI® for Small Business, you'll be more able to:

  • Strengthen your whole organization by understanding the unique capabilities of your people
  • Have confidence in your hiring decisions and reduce costly turnover
  • Get the maximum benefit from each of your people
  • Improve your personal effectiveness and understand the impact of your own leadership style on others
  • Avoid potential conflicts by knowing before you hire someone how you will work together
  • Find the right individuals to complement your strengths
  • Delegate the right things to the right people